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This light-hearted introduction to the law is presented by comedians Alex Boardman and Chris Kehoe. Chris is a barrister attached to the police and a former masters graduate, whilst Alex isn't any of those things. 

The show will feature criminal case law, legislation, as well as keeping an eye on contemporary legal issues and dealing with listener requests

The law DOES NOT have to be an elitist subject, and this show makes criminal law accessible to everyone. 

Jan 20, 2023

Earlier this month Tom Binns, a comedian whom both Chris and Alex know, admitted in court to five counts of "Making" and one count of "possessing" indecent images of children.

Whar exactly does "Making" indecent images of children mean? What is the case law surrounding this topic? How has the law developed in recent years? What possible defences are there to the charges?


Also, we have new equipment and Chris sounds ok but Alex sounds like he's underwater (lucky he doesn't speak much in this ep).