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Jul 25, 2018

An elderly defendant attacks his wife in the middle of the night in a very gruesome fashion. The incident is without motive and the defendant tries to rely on the McNaughton rules even though medical evidence suggests he is not technically insane.

Oh, and we also talk about Roy of the Rovers. I still have the issue I'm going on about so hopefully you can view it as exhibit A in artwork.

This easy to understand series is not just for those studying the Law or working in the profession, but is for anyone with even a passing interest in legal matters. 
As well as detailed case studies, in shorter “Brief Notes” episodes, Chris will tell us what being a barrister is really like, as well as explaining the court system, legal tactics and even answering any questions listeners may have. If you’ve ever enjoyed a legal drama on TV or film, or can’t get enough of novels featuring crime and courtroom battles, then this series will give you a further insight into that world.

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Mondeo Law is written and produced by Alex Boardman and Chris Kehoe, and was developed with Ant McGinley (@antmanlovesyou)

Music in order of appearance under creative commons 3.0

Switch it up – Silent Partner

Late – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena