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This light-hearted introduction to the law is presented by comedians Alex Boardman and Chris Kehoe. Chris is a barrister attached to the police and a former masters graduate, whilst Alex isn't any of those things. 

The show will feature criminal case law, legislation, as well as keeping an eye on contemporary legal issues and dealing with listener requests

The law DOES NOT have to be an elitist subject, and this show makes criminal law accessible to everyone. 

Feb 23, 2022

The Actus Reaus of the offence of Perjury is explored in an interesting case. Also, we discuss the different types of barristers, what do people who aren't religious swear on in court instead of the holy bible, are harsher sentences really a deterrent and just how much does a barrister's wig cost?

Feb 7, 2022

A wooded copse, a policeman with a gun lying in wait for a repeat offender... sounds like a Scandi crime drama, but actually it's a case from Victorian England.  

Also; Actus Reus and the overlap into Mens Rea. What are Assizes? What are summary and indictable offences and what exactly is a felony?

And in a world...