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Jan 18, 2021

We look at the legal changes in laws surrounding historical statues that are probably not needed but will at least take everyone's mind away from the fact that the hungry schoolkids are being served up tuna in a coin bag and half a tomato and the taxpayer is paying a private company £30 a head to do so. 


Jan 11, 2021

We recently got voted as one of the Top 20 criminal law podcasts to follow in the world

God knows how but thanks Feedspot! In this episode we discuss the UK Govt fiasco with primary schools and nursery children, Donald Trump being banned from Twitter, the consequences of...

Jan 4, 2021

Barrister and comedian Chris Kehoe and Viagra addicted house husband Alex Boardman finish the mini-series of vaccine law podcasts.

They discuss vaccinating children when the parents cannot agree whether or not the child should be inoculated. Also, they consider a 2020 case in which a child is under the care of a...