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Mar 14, 2018

Episode 3: Winzar v C.C. Kent

The Mondeo is en route to Lancaster, as we again look at an Actus Reus case. In this case, barrister Chris guides us through the subject of “State of Affairs” cases and I'm not convinced the police are acting within the law. This is the second case in a row to involve a very drunk man.

By the time we reach our destination however, I am slowly beginning to admit that the Judiciary may actually know what they are doing after all.

Further reading: (Duck v Peacock [1949] 1 All ER 31 R v Larsonneur(1933) 24 Cr App R 74 

A comedic look at some of the most famous criminal cases in English Law with legal expert and barrister Chris Kehoe, and comedian Alex Boardman. In every episode Chris will guide us through a famous area in English Criminal Law. He will explain the facts of the case, set out the legal principles the case raises and offer insight into the reasons behind the verdicts of the judges who presided over them.
This easy to understand series is not just for those studying the Law or working in the profession but is for anyone with even a passing interest in legal matters. 
As well as detailed case studies, in shorter “Brief Notes” episodes, Chris will tell us what being a barrister is really like, as well as explaining the court system, legal tactics and even answering any questions listeners may have. If you’ve ever enjoyed a legal drama on TV or film, or can’t get enough of novels featuring crime and courtroom battles, then this series will give you a further insight into that world.

Mondeo Law is written and produced by Alex Boardman and Chris Kehoe, and was developed with Ant McGinley (@antmanlovesyou)

Music in order of appearance under creative commons 3.0 

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